I love what I Do

I began to take a keen interest in sports and fitness from a very early age.  Playing, watching and reading about anything which I could lead me to become a personal trainer. As a keen footballer who managed to play at a reasonably high level the external factors such as lifestyle, nutrition and sports specific training really interested me. I have continued with this trend and earned myself some recognised qualifications to work as a personal trainer helping, educating and inspiring people to improve lifestyles, become more aware of benefits which can occur from exercise and generally challenging people to become healthier and more active.

My role as a Personal Trainer

My most notable personal achievements are helping clients who have very low self esteem change their habits and in turn their lifestyles, helping people enjoy exercise, guiding clients safely through weight loss programmes and setting goals for clients of all abilities and backgrounds. My biggest tip to encourage people to make that first step would be to repeat after me….. ” I can do this”.

Ask Graham?

Is walking or running better for fat loss?
What are the main benefits of working with a personal trainer?

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