Specific programming to assist and guide you to achieve your chosen goals, personal training gives you the opportunity to work individually or in a small group.

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Personal Training sessions can be in the comfort of your own home or at our stuido just outside Durham city center.  You’ll be surprised by how much can be achieved in not a great deal of space. Where at all possible I believe people benefit from training outdoors using the equipment provided by mother nature as well as my own.

Feel the benefits of Personal Training

You will soon feel the benefits of our Personal Training program if you put in the time, effort and commitment.  You will start to notice how much better you feel physically and mentally in your every day life. Exercise has been scientifically proven to help reduce symptoms of depression as well as other benefits that you will gain from regular exercise.

Nutrition is important too

We also provide help and advide in relation to your nutrition to compliment your personal training program and help you achieve your goals.

Our personal training programs give you the opportunity to work individually or in a small group so fitness training can be done togther to help each other get the most from the session.